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01 Canvas prints

Alana uses only the highest quality of material for the digital prints on canvas that constitute one phase of her work.  You can expect vibrant color, stretcher bars milled locally in Ireland made of popular or tulip wood, on 410gsm satin canvas with a very white base.  This combination ensures both that the oil paint over the print will adhere properly and that your work will stand the test of time.

02 Shipping

Alana’s work ships from Ireland and the complexity, and therefore cost, of the packing and shipping will vary according to size and where you are in the world.  Alana will work directly with you to offer prices for packing and shipping that meet your need for within budget and on time delivery.

03 Commissions

It is exciting for Alana to work with you to make commissioned work that tells your story, using colors you enjoy, to capture an expression of your or a loved one’s life that is meaningful to you and the recipient, if it is a gift.  These works take 4-6 weeks to complete after the initial interviews with you and your delivery of the digital images she will need to work with.


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