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May 14, 2017: Cerbere' France

We all get to live this life the way we want - that is, the way we want within the constraints of life as we see and experience them.  What travel does is open us up to a different understanding of those constraints because we immerse ourselves in someone else's, often very different world - and then we learn things.

Cerbere' is a small (2K? population) French town on the Mediterranean just 6K from the border with Spain.

Travel to Two Cities: Helsinki and Tallinn

Often traveling to two cities offers a greater understanding of both through the comparison and contrasts the visitor experiences. Such is the case with Helsinki, the largest city and capital of Finland and Tallinn in Estonia. Travel affords deep reflective practice for those who may be reinventing life. As we look forward to new paths in life, travel is great to remind us of the change in life over time. Helsinki and Tallinn offer the visitor such times.

Traveling to Two Cities: A Comparison of Vienna and Budapest

At several places in the world there are comparable cities, the comparison of which makes both more interesting for the traveler. In this first of a series of three articles I will compare and contrast Vienna and Budapest. A short 2 1/2 -hour drive, or three hours by train, will take you from one to the other. The leisurely traveler can choose to go the distance on a cruise down the river Danube.  Both cities are well worth seeing, and the comparison makes them more so.

Autumn in Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland

Have you ever been to a Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland? If you have, you know that is a medieval fishing village, yet also a yachting community that straddles small-town rural village Irish life and an international cosmopolitan environment. Kinsale enjoys the best of many worlds. Our population varies between maybe 3000 in the dead of winter when most people have fled to warmer climates, to 10,000 or more in the height of summer when everyone is in residence and all the tourists have descended.

Cruising the Mediterranean

Enjoy a few shots from our recent trip - cruising allows people to relax and lightly dip into a number of locations.  Here at Reinventing Life Enterprises we mixed it with time for strategic planning.