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May 7th: Three Ways a JigSaw Puzzle is a Metaphor for Life

How do you break from work, from life, from stress?  One of my favourite ways is by working on jigsaw puzzles.  They allow the mind to wander, and maybe I watch an episode of Doctor Who as well.  It has been during these sessions that this week I have been building the metaphor that our lives are like a jigsaw in three main ways - see what you think...

Gratefulness and a Wonderful Partner

I read a poster once in a school district office that the most important decision we make in life is who the person we partner with will be.  My life partner, literally the love of my life is Margie Milenkiewicz and, as the shaker song says - I just kept turning until I came round right.

For her constant love and support I am so grateful it is more like awed. I could only wish for every person in the world that they could experience the joy of the type of companionship we share.  So as I launch this new site on my 64th birthday - Here's to you Margie - without you none of this would be the same.

We have control of our happiness (bit by bit)

I subscribe to daily emails from the Hicks - quoting Abraham from a variety of seminars - they are the only emails I read everyday as most cause a lift in my spirit.  In other articles I will update the focus wheel play I have been doing and the power of their meditations - esing into living in paradise right here and right now - sound good?  All of us can do it!

What is Reality? Thoughts to live by

Hi everyone, 

This is an ongoing and growing list of great thoughts which should prove to be inspirational for any of us who are following the trail to health and wellbeing through working with the concepts inherent with the law of attraction.  If you don't know of the work of the folks on the science and nonduality circuit - it is their voices that start this list.  I hope some of these bring a smile!