• Redefining happiness

    Redefining happiness

Incorporating Science

Networks are changing our world! This video gives us a glimpse of just how much.  Now the question is how are they changing your personal world?  Maybe we should use these ideas to re-engineer the way we think about our world.

Sometimes when in the middle of a transition or transformation time in our lives we are anything but happy, and that has always seemed sort of backwards, since when dreaming of new futures we do so primarily out of an unending search for greater or more reliable happiness.  Even when I create the dreams I want and successfully complete such reinventions as moving half way around the world, living in a new culture or finishing my doctorate, happiness sometimes remains elusive.

Note from April 2017 - I wrote this in 2009 when I was working on one of my first two books - it is still on the site because I still believe in action research as a tool for transformation. There will be other favourites here now - but this one underpins them all, Alana

What are the images that come to mind when you think about research? Perhaps of stilted academics in ivory towers researching about things around them, setting up obscure tests, or those questions asked in shopping malls by large corporations, trying to get inside our heads in order to get us to buy more of their product? Certainly you don't think of a tool you could use when overwhelmed with a complex problem or when reinventing life or reinventing business.