• Reinventing Life @60+

    Reinventing Life @60+

Reinventing Life @60+

This is part 2 of the Physical class on how to feel 10 years younger.  3 more hints here.

This video was done for a class at Actons Leisure Centre in Kinsale.  For the second session on how to feel 10 years younger we did a series of 6 experiments - then ended with our mantra (as per Deepak Chopra, 2001) "Everyday in everyway I am reversing my biological age.  My biostat point is set at a healthy XXX (15 years younger than we are) years old.  I am doing this through lovingly:

I'm still reading about life over 60, encouraged actually by Jane Fonda. Now Jane Fonda is just older enough than I am, more the age of my sisters, that I never particularly connected with her as a celebrity or star. I picked up her book, Prime Time: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness, Friendship not because of her, but because it was mentioned by Catherine Bateson, who, it turns out, is a friend of hers. Nevertheless, I am delighted by Jane as she discusses being afraid, using the fear to rehearse the unknown, and then growing past all of it. After all, that is exactly what I'm doing with this reinventing light over 60s series.

As I continue to read Mary Catherine Bateson's book, Composing a Further Light: the Age of Active Wisdom,and reflect upon her words as they relate to my discontent at turning 60, I am also reminded of the work of William Bridges. In this book, Transitions, he posited a three step model to change: first we end one stage of life, then we spent some time in the neutral zone not quite knowing where we're going next, and finally we emerge (almost like a butterfly out of the cocoon) into our new lives.

The “age old” issues of life are haunting me- Age and Money.  Well, I can't REALLY say they are haunting me – rather I am haunting them. Webster defines “haunt” as “to visit often, to continually seek the company of.”  I am sure you can understand why I would haunt money – by these definitions, who wouldn't?  But Age?

This is the second collage in my series of reinventing life over 60 - you may notice small remnants of the fear lion floating away into the horsehead nebula.  My meditative space for "all that is" is floating near the horsehead which is superimposed on the milkyway.  This piece is also my desktop and it reminds me to laugh and enjoy life.