• Reinventing Life @60+

    Reinventing Life @60+

Reinventing Life @60+

Little over a year ago you wouldn't have known me, or rather I didn't know myself, because I was beginning to feel so stiff and sore that rather than being 45 in my brain I was 65 (my real age being somewhere in between).  Winter is a difficult time to keep fit in Ireland, and in fact in many parts of the world, because of cold weather and darkness both of which give us what may seem at the time a reasonable excuse not to go out.

Just one year ago I was feeling like I was an old lady. My bones ached, it hurt to walk, I didn't feel like getting out much, etc. Six months later I was feeling fit, and I started bike riding/working out with weights and built to a full body routine. I also lost over thirty pounds. What was the difference? My diet.

This article is written in February, 2011 and requires a little backup before you, my reader, can understand the context that leads to what I am writing. In December 2009, just as I was making my new year’s resolutions, although I have always been an advocate of holistic health, I came to realize that I felt old. Now some would say at 58 years old that would not be an uncommon state of affairs, but probably for all of us it can also be a wake-up call to start a new journey towards optimal health.

Maybe your life is transforming. Whether you are a student, a person just made redundant or about to retire, you are facing a transition in your life and you can use these ideas to help your subconscious mind work for you. As I started this article I have just finished a few weeks of talking with doctoral students in management and education from all over the United States (and a small bit of the world).