• Redefining Work

    Redefining Work

Redefining Work

I walked the labyrinth in the middle of the mall that runs down the centre of the Glasnevin campus this week when I was visiting there.  DCU is the flagship university for our fledgling business, pSuddortals sold to universities that bring professional development online for their students.  It had been a decade or more since I had walked a labyrinth, although we used to have a much simpler version in our backyard in Colorado.  I had forgotten what a great metaphor they are for life, especially the life and progress of an entrepreneur.

Such a question! 

I am fortunate to have brothers and sisters between 11 and 18 years older than I am.  All through my life visiting them has given me a glimpse into the next stage of life and because of that, I have been able to chart a course that has gone differently than the norm.  I'll write elsewhere about the tertiary issues that work along with how I am redefining work for myself: 1) 60 as the new 40, 2) keeping up the holism of work/life/mental/physical/spiritual balance, 3) bringing the mantra of doing no harm into the center of my life along with love and compassion for others.