• Redefining Age & Work

    Redefining Age & Work

Redefining Age & Work

Feeling 10 Years Younger through the Power of Mind

The first half of a two part video, based largely on the work of Deepak Chopra into how to improve the quality of life as we grow chronologically but wishing to maintain the flexibility and zest of youth. We all want to build greater happiness, recapture youthful flexibility and strength, etc.  It all starts with the power of our minds.

Want to Feel 10 Years Younger? Get two kinds of Rest

This is the second video based upon the work for a class on feeling 10 years younger. What is the purpose of rest in this equation and how can it help us feel younger, happier and full of well-being and zest? Two kinds of rest are the key: restful awareness and restful sleep.

Redefining Work by Redefining Motivation

Challenge, Mastery and Making a Contribution - that's it!  As with all RSA video's this one is a bit long winded but if you hang in there you will learn something.  Love the way Daniel Pink bases the ideas on research.

Journey to Optimal Health Using Action Research

My story is a great one and I tell it here so that you may believe it is possible to come back 15 years in health, vitality, and youthfulness. This time last year I felt like I was at least 60 years old. You know the signs: stiff, sore, aching much of the time, no longer feeling like I wanted to move much. As luck would have it we went back to the United States for Christmas and I was up against seeing my family.