Searching for Peace


Digital collage on canvas print by E. Alana James

90cm x 30cm

Following on the “Moment in Time” series with the bubbles used in images to remind the viewer that all life is just that – a moment in time and free for us to remember or work with as we choose, Alana expands to explore the deeper issues of life (peace, love, play, joy, etc) and the contrast of each as we experience our inner and outer realities. The moment in time bubble becomes an abstract representation of the life energy depicted in the work. In this piece Alana searched for the colors, the feeling, and the etheric background that represents the intangible essence of moving towards true inner and outer peace.


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E. Alana James

Alana hopes to see you this fall at Cork's Marina Market

September 24,25 - October 1,2, 8,9, 22,23, November 12-13, 19-20, 26-27, December 17,18, and maybe the 24th, and 31st.


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