A Beginning Pathway Towards Vibrational Health

The Author

E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

In my journey towards optimal health I have literally stumbled across information that ties much of my earlier health interest to my current life. As a young person I was entranced and enthusiastic about shamanistic practices, the use of crystals, and the use of subtle vibrations in something that is now called vibrational health or vibrational medicine. As I’ve written about in other articles, I was trained as a Johrei (pronounced JO Ray) practitioner, an energetic form of healing that developed in Japan and has strong roots now in Thailand, Brazil, and Africa.

As is often the case when exploring the mystical realms of life, I picked up a few trinkets along the way such as crystals, necklaces out of different kinds of stones, chimes that have a particularly deep or resonant tone, etc. While some of them drifted away during moves, others made it all the way to Ireland, for which I am now grateful as, once again, the spiral has turned back on itself and I find them interesting.

Four months ago I was in the United States and a girlfriend of mine turned me on to a new product line called CieAura (you can check it out at: http://alanajames.cieaura.com, an affiliate link). My story was that I had been working too hard all the previous week and was drained of energy, not sleeping well. I was facing a 12 hour airplane trip the following day, and I never sleep on planes. My friend suggested I try to be new holographic chips, what she described as the merging of 3000 years of practice, with acupuncture etc., and the modern technologies available through holograms. Basically, CieAura amounts to Reiki in a chip, or holographic sticker, that you put on your body. That first night I had no idea how it worked but I was game and I tried it.

The sleep chips don’t put you to sleep but rather, when asleep they drop you into REM. In my story, the result was a great night sleep followed by many hours more on the plane the next day. For the first time since I moved to Ireland I got off the plane in London Heathrow and I was not feeling sleep deprived. Being familiar with multilevel marketing, the way these chips are sold, I immediately called my friend and told her I wanted to be in on it, not because I had any intention of selling them, but because I could get them at a cheaper price if I signed up.

The thing about being a teacher is that once you get your hands on something you really like two things happen: first, you have to go into it deeper to figure out how it works, then, as you get more excited because you understand it, you have to tell others about it. My relationship with CieAura chips has taken me down a beginning pathway towards a deeper understanding of vibrational health/medicine. I know now that this will be the topic of many articles like this one. Rather than explain here and now everything I’ve learned, I’m going to limit this writing to a short explanation of what I understand so far about how the chips work.

First let’s start with our paradigm on how we see the body. Is it a mechanism like clock, that breaks down over time? Scientists are beginning to say no the mechanistic view is limited, even though it has been the basis on which they have built modern medicine, and we all know what a good job modern medicine has done in extending our lives and our healthiness. Nevertheless, scientists are always aware of limitations, and the limitations of what they call the Newtonian view of the body are equally obvious: things don’t work the same way for everyone, a drug that does one thing well may have side effects, months after we take drugs some of them are still affecting our bodies in subtle ways that have nothing to do with the illness for which we took them, etc. Dr. Deepak Chopra, an author whose writing I have always respected, wrote that it was time for a paradigm shift in medicine, and that the new paradigm would be an understanding of vibrational health. I had no idea what he meant at the time, but I’m beginning to understand and appreciate his point of view.

Future articles will go into the various kinds of vibrations, how they overlap, what we do to work with each, etc. For now, it’s just important that you understand that vibrations can exist together in the same space. For instance, there are many frequencies of radio waves, yet you have to turn your dial to the specific frequency in order to pick up the one you want to hear. Thankfully the view of our bodies made up of not so much matter as it’s related vibrations is now supported by an increasing amount of scientific evidence, again which will be discussed over time in the next series of articles on the use of the mechanisms of vibration as tools for our journey to optimal health.

So what is ill health? A messed up set of vibrations somewhere. How do vibrations straighten themselves out? Through something called resonance. Like the opera singer who can shatter glass, something introduced to our systems that has a healthy vibration can encourage the out of whack vibrations in our body to come back into alignment. This simplistic but accurate view is the basic mechanisms upon which vibrational health/medicine works.

CieAura Chips

So how do these chips have gotten my hands on work? They sit in our bodies vibrational field, containing layers and layers of information about how the muscle, cellular, loaded, etc. so should buy written work together, allowing our bodies to “remember”and come back in alignment with what we describe as increased health. Each chip is specifically filled with information around a particular kind of human complaint: lack of sleep, discomfort, the need to feel stronger or maintain energy, athletic performance, relief from allergies, protection from mobile phone vibrations, increased immunity, etc. Because we are all different, then some of the things that cause these complaints are deep-rooted while others are less so, the chips can be left for different lengths of time on each of us, commonly though, between two and five days. Of course, this is not meant to imply an easy cure, or to diagnose anything for anyone rather just just just that everyone consider what it would mean to think of ourselves as vibrational beings and then to consider what things we would use in our lives to increase our vibrational health.

Are we just experiencing a placebo effect? The company has recent medical studies that say no, and again those will be the topic of future articles. For now, it is enough that I have written the beginning thoughts that take me down a pathway towards a deeper understanding of vibrational health. While CieAura chips may be the tool that got me started, and one that I will continue to support, they are not the only vibrational tool I will be discussing in this series. As Western science unpacks the mysteries of 3000 years of health practices in other parts of the world, the new paradigm requires me to consider, and reconsider implications as to how to age gracefully as a vibrational being rather than the mechanistic one. And that will be the topic of many future articles.

Until then, here’s wishing everyone a maximum degree of vibrational health!