We have control of our happiness (bit by bit)

The Author

E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

I subscribe to daily emails from the Hicks – quoting Abraham from a variety of seminars – they are the only emails I read everyday as most cause a lift in my spirit.  In other articles I will update the focus wheel play I have been doing and the power of their meditations – esing into living in paradise right here and right now – sound good?  All of us can do it!


But for now here is today’s thought as I just knew I should pass it on.

Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are! Nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes you happy; the things that thrill you, or the things that worry you. You have the choice in every moment.— Abraham

It is my intent that people who are looking for this mix of science, metaphysics and just plain common sense will find my work and writings – if you know someone else who would appreciate words of experience on reinventing life with ever increasing love and happiness – no matter what your age but definitely over 60 – then please pass this link on to them.

Looking forward to hearing from you,