Frontier Science and Holistic Self-Care: Merging East and West To Improve Health, Part 1

The Author

E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

About six months ago, I was introduced to a modern technology that was, quite frankly, hard to believe. The product was the holographic patches or chips that go by the brand name CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ and I wondered if they were not a current rendition of the old story of the medicine man selling snake oil. In other words, although it seemed to work I couldn’t understand why or how. How is it that these clear patches, worn on the skin can influence how we feel, sleep, or how much energy we have?


My story is that I was introduced to them by a friend while traveling to the United States where I had just completed two weeks work in less than five days.  I was exhausted. Because of this sleep deprivation, there was no contest when my friend asked which chips I would to try: sleep, pain, or energy?  I slept really well that night, perhaps the best night’s sleep I remembered for while, and then I slept again on the plane in London Heathrow.  When, after 10 hours in flight, I got off the plane feeling refreshed, I signed myself up.  I also went on a hunt to find out how these holographic patches worked, healthy scepticism is, after all, the back bone of science.

It’s one thing to feel like a tool works for you and something entirely different to recommend it to others. Before I could do that, I spent two months probing into many arenas in frontier science. I studied the work of cardiologists, general medical practitioners, neuroscientists, psychologists, and physicists. What I found will become a series of articles on the holographic universe, entangled fields, new ways to understand communication between people and cells, and what all of these systems have to do with CieAura patches or chips and how they work.  This article focuses on the work of Dr. Richard Gerber, a medical doctor who has spent his entire career sorting out the linkages between how the Western world sees the body and health as opposed to, or rather connecting to, how the Eastern side of our globe relates to it.

The work of Richard Gerber is particularly important as a first step in embracing new ideas in self care. He helps us see that our bodies can be looked at not as a mechanism prone to breakdown over time but rather as a series of inter woven (or as Frontier Science would call them: entangled) systems, each of which has its own frequency. Much like a radio receiver that cannot play multiple radio stations at one time, we cannot improve the whole set of systems that create our experience of life by just focusing on one.

Dr. Gerber’s explanation of the various systems of our body includes:

The chemical system is the one we all know best. We take food in and it is broken down, absorbed by our cells and transformed into energy that propels our lives. Likewise, when we are not feeling well we take medicine designed to interact with the rest of the systems in our body.


The electrical system includes our brain, spinal cord, and nerves. We are transmitting digital information and have a bioelectric system which automatically regulates our temperature, the rate of our heart, blood flow, etc. because the nerves are physically entangled with the spinal cord. People who are not feeling well might choose to see either a chiropractic or osteopathic doctor.


The body also has bio crystalline structures, these include various systems that are interwoven through all of the rest of the glands and organs: our lymph, fascia, and blood.

The recognized impact of certain radiations on our cells, as measured through MRI, NMR, etc.  With advances in the technology of instrumentation many nuances of the mechanisms of how these cells communicate with each other are coming to light.  This will be discussed more in subsequent articles.


There are also subtle energy systems, known in the East as the places through which our “chi” or life force flows.

Although, when I was younger, medical doctors would have said that acupuncture meridians could not be seen in the physical body and therefore did not exist, this has been proven to be incorrect. Studies all over the world have shown that various compounds put into the body at the acupuncture points will travel down the meridians, where the same substance put outside those points merely disperses.


The etheric body or aura has been illustrated in Kirlean photographs, although that technology and the science that goes hand-in-hand with it are more readily accepted in Russia than in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, most people will experience some form of energy between their hands when they bring them slowly together.


The chakra system is more widely used in India and other parts of the Pacific Rim where people used both physical and meditational means to open what are known to be portholes where energy from outside us comes and goes from our body. In the Western world chakras have been shown to have great connection with the emotional side of our lives.

But what do these have to do with our own personal journeys toward optimal health?  How are they useful for how we take care of ourselves? Many people, myself included, are growing more and more careful about taking medicine, or relying solely on the chemical system in our body. Chiropractic and osteopathic work with the electrical system is great, but doesn’t answer all of the challenges we may face. I personally have little experience with acupuncture, but I know people who have used it and found success for everything from headaches, muscle tensions and weaknesses, autoimmune diseases, etc. I have had great success with craniosacral work, and with lymphatic drainage, both of which directly impact the bio crystalline structures, specifically the fascia in the lymph. The etheric and chakra systems are more subtle, but have proven in my life to be directly related to a sense of well-being, which, after all, fuels all of my experience of life.

What do CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ do? The company tells us that they hold information which is read by the body and encourages health. That, working on the principles of Eastern medicine they contain patterns, easily read by the cells in our body that help those cells move back to the resonance frequency of health.

One idea on the precise mechanism of transfer will be covered in a future article on the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz. There I shall go into more depth about the frontier sciences and their picture of a holographic universe where all the systems within us, and ourselves as a whole, are situated within a larger system and are all “entangled.” For now, this discussion focuses on what these internal interlocking systems may mean for our own self health care. The important message is that these chips, and other technologies which have been, or will soon be, developed will cut across and make use of multiple systems within our body.  They allow us to access health by other means than chemical or electrical magnetic. It only makes sense to me, that we remain open to trying all the possibilities in order to find out which ones work best for us.

I end with the reminder to my reader that these are my conjectures and ideas and do not reflect the stance taken from the CieAura company.  I am delighted to be a CieAura retailer, but these articles are not meant to sell you their products. They reflect only my journey to a level of understanding with which I am comfortable.