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    My Latest Thoughts

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  • May 14, 2017: Cerbere' France

    We all get to live this life the way we want - that is, the way we want within the constraints of life as we see and experience them.  What travel does is open us up to a different understanding of those constraints because we immerse ourselves in someone else's, often very different world - and then we learn things. Cerbere' is a small (2K? population) French town on the Mediterranean just 6K from the border with Spain.
  • May 7th: Three Ways a JigSaw Puzzle is a Metaphor for Life

    How do you break from work, from life, from stress?  One of my favourite ways is by working on jigsaw puzzles.  They allow the mind to wander, and maybe I watch an episode of Doctor Who as well.  It has been during these sessions that this week I have been building the metaphor that our lives are like a jigsaw in three main ways - see what you think...
  • April 30th: The Labyrinth as a Metaphor for Entrepreneurship (& Life)

    I walked the labyrinth in the middle of the mall that runs down the centre of the Glasnevin campus this week when I was visiting there.  DCU is the flagship university for our fledgling business, pSuddortals sold to universities that bring professional development online for their students.  It had been a decade or more since I had walked a labyrinth, although we used to have a much simpler version in our backyard in Colorado.  I had forgotten what a great metaphor they are for life, especially the life and progress of an entrepreneur.
  • April 23rd, Going Alkaline

    When this site went live the articles from previous times were all jumbled together and I was struck by my enthusiasm of how much the alkalinity work we had done had changed my health.  Lost 4o Pounds? All back now.  Felt stronger?  Those were the days. That was it - those were the days and I wanted them back.  First steps then were to drag out what I knew about alkaline and dig in.  You know how it is with "new" or maybe reborn habits: first push is glorious =filled with the vision / second week the difficulties of change set in. That is where I am as I start to write.  Read on if either merging alkaline with a typical Western diet OR habit change is of interest...
  • Re-Energizing: Spring 2017 – Thoughts on life filled with HOPE

    Whether or not a person celebrates Easter, it is true for most, that spring is a time to reconnect with our bodies and to push back on the sluggish aspects of our lives.  Two ways in which this plays out for me are the focus of these next two blogs: 1) living with HOPE (and understanding in a new way what it means) and 2) alkaline foods.  They both connect in my life as I embrace this spring and move into maximum energy and liveliness for the rest of the year. I’l start with HOPE… I confess that hope has seemed a weak word to me before now – to say “I hope this happens” seemed like fobbing it off on some other aspect of the universe without taking responsibility for doing our part.  Or maybe, rather, just being passive on a situation that was bigger than we were.  I had it completely wrong!.
  • Happy Birthday to Me! April 11, 2017

    Good morning world! Isn;t it GREAT to be alive?  So much to be grateful for, so many games to play in this life - but which are those that are capturing my mind and heart this morning?
  • Gratefulness and a Wonderful Partner

    I read a poster once in a school district office that the most important decision we make in life is who the person we partner with will be.  My life partner, literally the love of my life is Margie Milenkiewicz and, as the shaker song says - I just kept turning until I came round right. For her constant love and support I am so grateful it is more like awed. I could only wish for every person in the world that they could experience the joy of the type of companionship we share.  So as I launch this new site on my 64th birthday - Here's to you Margie - without you none of this would be the same.
  • What does Redefining Work Mean to Me in April 2017?

    Such a question!  I am fortunate to have brothers and sisters between 11 and 18 years older than I am.  All through my life visiting them has given me a glimpse into the next stage of life and because of that, I have been able to chart a course that has gone differently than the norm.  I'll write elsewhere about the tertiary issues that work along with how I am redefining work for myself: 1) 60 as the new 40, 2) keeping up the holism of work/life/mental/physical/spiritual balance, 3) bringing the mantra of doing no harm into the center of my life along with love and compassion for others.
  • About Alana

    What a title to live up to! About Alana - what are the key elements you should know in order to move our relationship to a higher level? I am driven - always have been, by whatever seems to be the next good thing I can do, something that is within my sphere but would look like a big stretch to others.  Sometimes these tasks take a few years - like the Zappa Quilt or MastersNet and Doctoral Net which I now have six years in and no end in site.
  • The Cost of Strength

    I set myself to be who I amMy spirit would not have allowed anything else,I had to push, t say what I feel t be true and always...
  • Pivoting: My New Understanding of the Shaker Song

     'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,And when we find ourselves in the place just right,'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
  • Age Should Never Define Us!

    `Hi!  This is E. Alana James: author, speaker, entrepreneur.  I moved from the US to Ireland 10+ years ago and it was one in a long stream of defining moments in my life - each with a seed of what it takes to continually reinvent ourselves throughout life.  At 59 I felt like a "deer in headlights", which was the first time my image of aging had ever upset my equilibrium.
  • Where are your dreams taking you?

    Where are your dreams taking you?  Its always good to have your eyes on the horizon your shoot for.
  • The Entrepreneur Journey: Social Media

    Hi everyone, Has it really been ages since I wrote here?  What have I been doing?  Tons of work developing our business at www.Doctoralnet.com. Rather than try to catch you up now, I'll just send on bits and pieces that strike me.  Social media is changing the world of entrepreneurship - but how?  This graphic catches my eye as part of the explanation.
  • The Joy of WebWork

    This is a fast 30 second blog, but I just felt and overwhelming happiness about working on the web.  Yesterday I had a webconference with 12 people - from 4 countries.  Today I emailed my professor partners at Doctoralnet one of whom lives in Panama and the other in India - our meetings are great fun as we share similarities and differences way beyond what would have been possible if I had stayed in the United States.
  • Happy New Year 2013 and May We Enjoy The Pleasures And Challenges in Diversity!

    We spent New Year’s Eve at our friends house eating authentic Chinese food. There are very few things which I find as luscious as immersing myself, one way or another, in someone else’s culture, and of course food is one of the greatest delights. Warm memories of these shared hours is what causes me to focus on challenges and pleasures inherent in interacting with diverse people and cultures as my topic today and is part of my commitment for 2013 to feel more joy in life through greater awareness of my moment to moment existence.
  • Day Two: the Joy of a Puppy Pile

    My parents and Margie’s parents would never have allowed dogs on the bed. I was taught that dogs have to know their place in life or things run amok. While ours were “inside” dogs, as opposed to “outside” dogs, those which never, or hardly ever, came in the house, they still lived (and I can still hear my Dad's voice say this) on the floor. Contrast this with our friends Lynne and Patrick would never have had a dog before they had Monty and so learned the ins and outs of that relationship much on their own, as adults, in tandem with Monty, who of course believed that he should sit on the furniture in the bed.
  • Year's End: Looking ahead to 2013

    30 December 2012 Years end is always a good time to look around inside where you are, to question is it where you want to be, and to decide where you can go next. This year I am generally very well satisfied with where I am, at the edges 60 years old, and feel as though I’m living a rich and varied life. Therefore, I have three desires in combination with New Year’s resolutions that I’m going to put forth.
  • 10 Years Younger: Helping the Emotional/Spiritual Path to Youthful Living

    This is the third section, 5th video in the series of workshops, produced in 2012 on tips and tricks for feeling 10 years younger.  While aimed at those reiventing our lives over 60, these ideas are appropriate for all of us at any age who want to live the good life.  Remember - much is to be said about the power of our minds and that connection to our body and spirits!  The more we do to connect "all the dots" the happier and healthier we are.
  • How to Feel 10 Years Younger: 6 Hints Part 2

    This is part 2 of the Physical class on how to feel 10 years younger.  3 more hints here.