The Power of Invitation

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E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

I started my morning do yoga and listening, as I often do, to Kelly Howell and either or both The Secret of Mind Meditation and her meditation on Destiny. Today I was struck by her words as she reminds us to invite our highest destiny, and the skills we need to move along that path. As I think about the word invitation I appreciate the way it opens my heart and chest to consider both the meaning of inviting and being invited.


In this series of reinventing life over 60 I am wrestling with concepts of age and the processes or norms involved in aging and yet pushing back on those norms to continue to build new vistas and reinvent life. I wonder how much invitation people feel as they consider growing all? Likely not much. In fact research shows that older people often live in greater isolation and my own experience of my mother’s life was that the older she got the more she said “NO” to every invitation.

I know that she experienced as well an increased sense of being cut off from the flow of life around her. And perhaps that is the nub of the challenge for all of us. I believe that my creative sense of my connection with Life Force (God, Goddess, All That Is/Jesus, Mohammed, and all the teachers) stems from being invited by these paths and these beliefs to to be my best and greatest possible human self. I also experience that all I (in this case my smaller human self) needs to experience more openness is to invite the greater energy of Life Force. Today I am conscious that it is within this mutual invitation to greatness, growth, abundance, energy, etc. from my human self to acknowledge and embrace more of the universal and from the universal to my human self to embrace more of life that we put our feet on a path towards lighthearted, successful, older years.

So what am I inviting today? As I sit down to write, to work on my new book about dissertations, I invite myself to feel closely connected with the doctoral students I work with so that as I write I will be speaking directly to them, just as now, I am speaking directly to you, others interested in making the most of older years. In other words, and perhaps this is helpful for all people, I am inviting a closer connection to other people in my life so that I may come from and openhearted place of love and acceptance. On a side note, and if you are a reader of this blog, it is always appreciated if you answer my invitation to come closer by taking the time to add in a brief comment – I love to see/know who my words are touching and the reinvention processes you are facing at whatever age you have achieved.

Today, I also invite all the access that I have developed over the years that helps me be a wise woman, both the good and the bad memories or lessons. At almost 60, I have gone through many things in life, and they all add up to the person I am. This requires of me that I not only invite the abundance, but also the memories of lack and limitation – because it was from those that I grew to the woman I am today. I hope all of my readers have gone to and take their strengths test. That test allows me to say with confidence that these previous 60 years I have developed strengths in leaderships, wisdom, curiosity, love of learning, and creativity. I am happiest when I am engaged with those strengths, and those strengths developed out of the hardships and failures which I faced. I invite memories of those lessons, and, with them, the memory of of my resilience and endurance in the face of crisis.

Another thing that I am inviting is confidence. Specifically, the confidence that much of what needs to happen will work out just fine with time. I do not need to control or plan for every possible outcome in order to make it happen correctly, in fact life has taught me that control is seldom, if ever, successful.

I invite a greater sense of faith that I am on a path towards developing the best, happiest, most abundant older years any person has ever experienced – and that I can develop these without falling onto the rocks created by my own fears of older age. And with this faith and confidence I acknowledge that when I look down at those rocks (potential lack of health, etc), or feel those fears, I can always look up spread my arms and once again invite the grace that comes with faith.

As I move into the rest of my day I invite a peace of mind which will flow under my words and help others experience it as well. My audience today, in addition to the readers of this blog, are doctoral students, filled with challenges and traumas in their lives, who need assurances that their work will pay off and enable them to graduate. By the focusing my strengths on these students, as people, and helping to invite their best work, I offer a small piece of grace to the world – this is the platform on which I build/reinvent my life over 60. I believe invitation to what is greater than our limited selves is a good platform, no matter from where you are rebuilding your life.