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E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

The latest update on my own “creating the life you want” journey is how much fun I am having writing my bike. We then added a couple of months now, starting slow, moving on to a relatively short trek to Sandycove, and eventually, this last Saturday, a 12 mile ride from here to Ballinspittle. Bike riding in Ireland is not about distance, it’s about hills. But bike riding for me is about my journey to optimal health. When a person is interested in reinventing their life, it can only go so far as their health and energy allows it. 

I have to say it took a lot of mind power, a lot of personal belief, the help of a great plan for Fitness in the PHMiracle, and a fabulous support group rooting for me – but altogether it WORKED!

As I’ve written elsewhere, by last December I was pretty well de-conditioned, a term used by the health profession for people in old age when there is nothing physically wrong, but a mixture of attitude and lack of exercise combined with poor diet, leaves a person habitually lethargic. It’s hard to be in a great reload or to feel like you have a lot done when it hurts to walk. From this short synopsis, you can see how important it is to me, to be able to say, “oh I spent my Saturday morning writing from here to Ballinspittle via the Old Head.” At one point in the ride I had a wild vision of taking this even further, going out to Old Head, and then writing on a small walk singletrack road by the sea. It was magnificent.

The fantastic thing about good health and an interest in some kind of activity is that you keep coming back to it because you enjoy it so much. Given that I couldn’t have contemplated doing it a year ago, maybe I enjoy it that much more. It feels like constant daily confirmation that even seemingly impossible hurdles can be gotten over, and that life can go on being everything we want it to be.

I’ll stop now, but I’d love to hear some of your stories about how you felt when you work hard and got something you really wanted.