April 23rd, Going Alkaline

The Author

E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

When this site went live the articles from previous times were all jumbled together and I was struck by my enthusiasm of how much the alkalinity work we had done had changed my health.  Lost 4o Pounds? All back now.  Felt stronger?  Those were the days.

That was it – those were the days and I wanted them back.  First steps then were to drag out what I knew about alkaline and dig in.  You know how it is with “new” or maybe reborn habits: first push is glorious =filled with the vision / second week the difficulties of change set in.

That is where I am as I start to write.  Read on if either merging alkaline with a typical Western diet OR habit change is of interest…

The Impetus to Go Alkaline

As I said I’ve done this before and the results were glorious. As my nephew Ken said, “It is not how well we do things that count, it is how well we get back to doing them when we have stopped.”  Alright then, after reading my own words I knew it was time.

Looking at the Chart

It’s worth it to stop looking at this blog and go now to search for “alkaline food charts.”  There are a lot of small businesses in this realm now and they have many colourful and helpful charts.  Just choose one and begin to make choices that increase alkalinity and decrease acid producing foods (anything that metabolizes sweet or has sugars in it).  If you don’t understand the reasoning behind the importance of alkalinity to our health keep reading – you’ll quickly see that a Western diet builds up so much acid in our systems that we are literally eating away at ourselves and our health.

I don’t believe I’ll go as far as I did last time, where I fasted on alkaline smoothies for a week, but who knows?  But at this moment I’m looking for a happy medium where I still eat meat and fruit.  I’m aiming at 70% on the alkaline side and 30% on the acid. 

We’ll see how it goes.

New Habits

There are many ways to bring in a new/old life habit.  Probably the new new habit is easier for me because it is new and therefore a bit interesting.  I decided to take it a bit slow, so as not to trigger my fear response to change.  Nothing to be afraid of, all I was going to do was drink green drink (barleygrass, spirulina, beet, etc) a few times a day and add greens (mostly kale) to my food.  I felt quite strong to also cook a lot of quinoa and use it for breakfast cereal with fruit.  I did not take anything away and I did not worry about portion control. 

I’ve learned that sandwiching the new with the old and “happens everyday activity” is a strategy that works (called sandwiching in the work of those who coach new habits).  Also, I wanted to get the boost of green before the pleasure of coffee.  Therefore, I am up in the am in the kitchen stretching out and doing 15-20 minutes of light yoga as I make coffee and I have added started by downing a pint of green drink.  I’ve maintained it 10 days now and while my mind still questions if this is REALLY what I want, I am doing it.

Adding the kale in the food means I have to be more conscious about how much green food is in the house but I can do that.  The same is true with the quinoa – so I’ll buy a few bags ahead to ensure it is here when I need it.

First 10 days, not bad, but I can tell not enough.

Results and What’s Next?

The results from the first week were grand.  A woman who takes my Water Aerobics class said the white’s of my eyes were brighter – a sure sign of increased health.  On the other hand, when I am honest, it doesn’t feel as though much has changed.  Certainly, not the important markers of increased zest have moved, but not far enough for me to honestly tell you they are where I want them to be. 

So what is next?

I commit to two things…

First, the trick is to keep up “a bit interesting” especially because the path I am on is one that I have walked before.  I need to keep reading/researching and looking for options.  Surfing the net has taken the place of what would have been a class in the past.  If I had a class to go to, I would block out that time, and come home later with some new ideas.  A class required the commitment to go, and I have to commit to the same steps of blocked time and new ideas each week, or I can see it will very quickly go stale.

Second, new brings of fear of losing the comforts of the old (and why is the old seen as comfort if it has brought us to a place we don’t like?).  Fear is the enemy of change and is probably at the heart of why we don’t change as much or as often as our minds/spirits suggest.  Fortunately, I’ve learned a few tricks about confronting fears by consciously bringing in the strengths (hope, compassion, peace) of my True or Higher self.  (Thank you Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey for that one). I commit to bringing more of my true consciousness into my choices and I immediately feel the fear of failure as of course, this is an ongoing human struggle. 

Maybe I’ll write about how that is going next week, we’ll see how it goes.