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10 Years Younger: Helping the Emotional/Spiritual Path to Youthful Living

This is the third section, 5th video in the series of workshops, produced in 2012 on tips and tricks for feeling 10 years younger.  While aimed at those reiventing our lives over 60, these ideas are appropriate for all of us at any age who want to live the good life.  Remember - much is to be said about the power of our minds and that connection to our body and spirits!  The more we do to connect "all the dots" the happier and healthier we are.

It All Starts Here: Attitude

My partner is very good with children. If you know anyone who works well with children you know that there is a skill or talent to constantly massaging them pass to their own fears and self-doubts. When Margie does this, she's scaffolds, or builds in small steps, on what they can already do and feel comfortable with.

Tracking ongoing happiness

Today I am spending the day with analytics - while it would have been that this was also a day eating all day, now I have a few other destractions that are working for me: 1) pomorium tool to track time and play a game every so often in the middle of my work, and 2) great world music which plays while I sit on my exercise ball as I work.  Its been a productive day as I found a few new tools and have worked on creating my first info graphics which I'll use on the new site for doctoralnet.com.

Reinvention is Dead: Long Live Redefinition!

7 October, 2012: I woke up this morning musing on words, their power, and how they subtly show us the differences in our ongoing life experience. In other words, my language has shifted, indicating, upon reflection, a deeper change, and the words were there before my understanding of myself emerged. Anyone who is familiar with this site, or my work for the last 10 years, will know that reinventing life has been my underlying value – cutting across everything I write about, think about, or say.