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Regular Reflective Practice For The Beginner

A main part of doing personal action research to improve your life is to learn to reflect.  Anyone who has read Thoreau's "Walden", will have seen the potential in reflective writing as he comes to understand himself better through musing on his life and his environment. Three kinds of positive outcomes seem to consistently come to people who reflect.

What To Do About The Blues You Face When You Change

Trying to start a new way of living? Wanting to reinvent part of your life but feeling tired? Four simple steps give you a reality check to help your feelings of whether and to what extent you are making progress towards your goals.  Picture a big uphill learning curve. The first parts are the hardest, inertia works against you and much of what makes this hard is lack of momentum. The important thing to remember is that you may have taken on a long process, if so, any ONE period of time will not be significant. What will count is how you put them all together. Let me tell a story about myself that illustrates this point. 

No Matter What the Reason You Are Starting Something New – Begin Here!

The longest journey starts with a single step: Proverb

Many people may be faced with reinventing their lives. Some will come to it by choice and others by necessity but it has been my belief that the human ability to start over, take what we have learned and apply it in new settings or problems is one of the greatest gifts of our humanity. Living in troubling and complex times, this skill is needed by many.

Managing Change

If you are trying to transform your life or going through transition, there will be rough spots. You may think of them as stress but what if you thought instead of the natural tension you feel during an adventure?, The trick is in being able to tell the difference. To our body they are very similar – all tension – the difference is in how we hold them in our minds. Ultimately it is easier to be happy if we think of getting through the tensions or adventures of life. Stress we hold on to in a negative way and it makes us unhappy. This article explores this premise.

How To Use Action Research To Drive Personal Success

What blend of genetics and environment is responsible for a restless spirit? Something drives me, never satisfied with the status quo, always willing to jump in and tackle the next social reform. Without thinking I find myself working to redress inequities between the set of upper middle class white privileges I was born into and the world faced by so many of my friends and colleagues. I always feel 'different than' those around me, and therefore feel driven to work with and befriend those that are more different still from the norm.

Want More Happiness in Your Life? Three Steps of Action Research Will Help You Get There!

What does it take to be happy? Picture a line and on one side of the line is absolute bliss (happiness beyond measure). On the other side of the line is sadness or depression. Everyday run-of-the-mill happiness falls somewhere in the middle. Some people would say it is easy to be happy, others would say it is hard. Which is true for you? Would you agree that happiness does not come from the outside of us but the inside, and that makes all the difference?