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Complexity theory and why should we care?

Remember to focus on the outliers, respect the future they represent.

I first came across the ideas of complexity theory during my doctorate work at Columbia in 2001.  I was instantly energized because the battle described by scientists as they wrestled to force meaning and knowledge out of apparent chaos seem identical to me to the experience of a person who is trying to learn something they are having difficulty understanding.  Since then I have explored authors who write on complexity theory and its ties to both business and education.[1] It is not uncommon for me to bring it into general conversation.  Often I notice that people tune out or stop listening, making the assumption that it is too much for them.

How Women Can Find and Keep Inspiration

Inspiration, how can women make it more than just a moment, but rather turn it into an ongoing source of positive energy in their lives? This becomes a particularly crucial set of ideas when a woman finds herself reinventing either her inner or outer life. In another article, I discussed the difference between motivation and inspiration, which basically amounts to moving ahead because you know you'll have to (motivation) or moving ahead from a source of delight and possibility (inspiration). This article discusses three things that women will find useful when seeking inspiration in their lives.

Five Things I Have Learned as a Writer

For the last three months I have been working on a personal goal to write over one hundred articles in 100 days. It is coming close to the end of that time and its valuable to ask, what have I learned? This article is nestled into a series I have written for new writers, especially geared towards new writers of nonfiction. Looking back, I would highly recommend that all new writers, especially new writers for nonfiction, should consider creating a similar challenge for themselves. Evolving out of these hundred days there are five lessons that I take with me.

Consulting Professor Mercenaries

Have you ever thought about the difference between mercenary soldiers and the “regular” military? The mystique is that somehow the mercenary can't be trusted as much (to do what is not clear) but that they may be more ruthless, better trained and perhaps better equipped. After all, their life is on the line and all they have is their reputation to keep them alive and earn them the next job.

The First Week With Harriet: Old Dogs and Puppies

At eight weeks old Harriet entered our lives. She was a little black ball of fluff, weighing 14 lbs, with the little white zip on her chest and forepaw the only indication of her mixed parentage. We had lost an older black Lab to heart failure a couple of months previously and her brother was moping around the house. Following the logic that the older dog would show the puppy the ropes, when we met a soft and loving female dog at the vets who had just had puppies we decided to seek adoption.

Making Learning A New Skill Or Turning Your Life Around As Easy As Playing A Computer Game

Learning is much like a computer game – how can that be applied to you or your child?

I have been musing today on the comparison points between myself, retooling or reinventing a portion of my life (in this case working out in the gym), and the similarities it has with learning a computer game. I noticed that my new HP laptop came packaged with a series of games, all tied together in a games console. With no particular time on my hands I nevertheless decided to investigate. A game called FATE caught my eye and I opened it up.