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Using Positive Psychology to Build Healthy Relationships

Many people stay in unhealthy relationships much longer than they should, and sometimes for their whole lives. An unhealthy relationship might be one in which both parties are just not as happy as they should be, or it might be severely abusive (whether emotionally, physically or otherwise).

The Power of Silence

Silence and the Nature of Reality

I just watched a section of a very powerful documentary/movie/dvd called, "{ijseo_redirect id=3}" a film by Philip Groning - "a rare celluloid experience that truly transports us into another world." For once the marketing was correct - it did transport me, so much so that now my keyboard sounds loud to me, along with the clock ticking on my desk and my room seems cluttered and chaotic. Watching for just 30 minutes stilled me and transported me to a quieter world, one, frankly I am a little sad to leave.

Reality: Creating a Daily Collage

Have you noticed that everyone, even people in the same family, living in the same house actually live in different realities? For instance, in my household, the importance of certain ways of living life (such as organization patterns, use of time, etc.) vary greatly between us. What is reality?

The Power of Invitation

I started my morning do yoga and listening, as I often do, to Kelly Howell and either or both The Secret of Mind Meditation and her meditation on Destiny. Today I was struck by her words as she reminds us to invite our highest destiny, and the skills we need to move along that path. As I think about the word invitation I appreciate the way it opens my heart and chest to consider both the meaning of inviting and being invited.

Christmas Songs: Holidays bridging two continents

As I sit down to write this, I have just downloaded Christmas music, updated with such new names to me as Michael Buble', Harry Connick and Diana Krall. Heaven only knows where our standard Christmas CD collection is, buried, I am sure, in the piles of boxes that inhabit the small cubbie holes around our house, some so small we have to squeeze to get into them.

Big Ideas About Time

In my learning about the frontiers of science, mixed with years of practice in yogic traditions, I have become fascinated with issues of: time, nonduality, subjective reality, and the changing norms around these perceptions.  Have you ever noticed how mutable time is?  What effect it has on our psychological well-being?  For these reasons I am interested in and enchanted by this video.  I hope you enjoy it as well.