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Fear Can Be Transformational: Here's How to Make That Happen

Starting new things means taking risks.  After all, it is risky to move out of our comfort zone and into the world of personal transformation. As an example, I am starting a new web-based business aimed at helping doctoral students finish faster. This is risky, because the universities that currently employ me may, at times, see this work as a conflict of interest, although it is not aimed at their students but rather the rest of the doctoral environment.

LifeFlow Meditation

Are you on the path to increased inner peace, increased longevity, relaxation and happiness? This is a product review for something I use everyday and I can tell you that except for increased longevity (which can't be proved until I live to be over 100) LifeFlow Meditation 2.0 definitely works in all of those areas.

A Beginning Pathway Towards Vibrational Health

In my journey towards optimal health I have literally stumbled across information that ties much of my earlier health interest to my current life. As a young person I was entranced and enthusiastic about shamanistic practices, the use of crystals, and the use of subtle vibrations in something that is now called vibrational health or vibrational medicine. As I've written about in other articles, I was trained as a Johrei (pronounced JO Ray) practitioner, an energetic form of healing that developed in Japan and has strong roots now in Thailand, Brazil, and Africa.

Wanting to De-clutter? Here Are Three Things to Help

One of the side attributes of living in the Western world is that we tend to collect to many things. This is deadly for any woman who wants to reinvent her life.  We have to make room for the new by moving the old out of our way. We need to clean up the space, get a breath of fresh air, before the new ideas, strategies or possessions can come in. This article gives three easy ideas on how to make de-cluttering easy and efficient.

Three Things to Do to Have The Best Holiday Season You've Ever Had

Certainly at year end, but likely every time a busy woman faces a holiday season, while part of her may be excited, a good part of her may feel weary. As is often said, the caretaker needs to be able to take care of herself as well. This article suggests three things we can do for ourselves during any busy holiday season to bring more joy to ourselves as well as to others.

Joining Social Networks

Do you remember the first time you were asked to a party where you did not know anyone?  Do you remember how that felt? How did it feel if you broke through those barriers and had a good time?  Virtual worlds are opening for all of us if we just know the skills it takes to make the most of them.  Just like the party where we had to stand in the corner to figure out how to behave with strangers, the same is true on line.  The following six steps will help you get out of lurking mode (watching from a distance) and will help you make the most of online social networks.