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Big Ideas About Time

In my learning about the frontiers of science, mixed with years of practice in yogic traditions, I have become fascinated with issues of: time, nonduality, subjective reality, and the changing norms around these perceptions.  Have you ever noticed how mutable time is?  What effect it has on our psychological well-being?  For these reasons I am interested in and enchanted by this video.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

Power of Mind: When the Going Gets Rough

When I was bicycling today I came to an extremely long hill. As | went up the hill I felt tired, and so I decided to take a break about halfway up and drink some water. When I got back on my bike I was in too high a gear, spun around a little, lost my balance, and had to put my feet on the ground not to fall off.

Power of Mind: It's All in the Story You Tell Yourself

In another article in the Power of Mind series I told the story of falling off my bike as an analogy on a small level of how we have to 1) pick ourselves up and keep going, 2) be determined to build our dreams, and 3) maintain faith that our efforts will reach the positive outcome we envision. Willpower, determination/endurance and faith are indeed main ingredients in dream building. So though, are the stories we tell ourselves and others, and those stories are the topic of this article.

People, Kids, Dogs And Warm Summer Days: Flourishing with PERMA

Would you agree that people seem to flourish more in the summer? Don't you just love to celebrate warmth, friendship, and the sheer joy of being alive at this time of year? Living in Ireland, as I do, I have found that I have become a sun worshiper, as we often seek out those things that we enjoy, over which we have no control, and it seems that here the sun is more out of control than anywhere.

How to Solve All Your Problems Or Challenges

Everyone has problems or challenges, independent life probably wouldn't be any fun if we didn't. Nevertheless sometimes they seem daunting and overwhelming, becoming the excuse for why we don't try to build the dreams we have in our hearts. This article puts all of that in a perspective you can work with and, through a small exercise, helps you understand how to move towards building exactly the life you want.