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Happy Birthday to Me! April 11, 2017

Good morning world!

Isn;t it GREAT to be alive?  So much to be grateful for, so many games to play in this life - but which are those that are capturing my mind and heart this morning?

The Entrepreneur Journey: Social Media

Hi everyone,

Has it really been ages since I wrote here?  What have I been doing?  Tons of work developing our business at www.Doctoralnet.com. Rather than try to catch you up now, I'll just send on bits and pieces that strike me.  Social media is changing the world of entrepreneurship - but how?  This graphic catches my eye as part of the explanation.

The Joy of WebWork

This is a fast 30 second blog, but I just felt and overwhelming happiness about working on the web.  Yesterday I had a webconference with 12 people - from 4 countries.  Today I emailed my professor partners at Doctoralnet one of whom lives in Panama and the other in India - our meetings are great fun as we share similarities and differences way beyond what would have been possible if I had stayed in the United States.

Happy New Year 2013 and May We Enjoy The Pleasures And Challenges in Diversity!

We spent New Year’s Eve at our friends house eating authentic Chinese food. There are very few things which I find as luscious as immersing myself, one way or another, in someone else’s culture, and of course food is one of the greatest delights. Warm memories of these shared hours is what causes me to focus on challenges and pleasures inherent in interacting with diverse people and cultures as my topic today and is part of my commitment for 2013 to feel more joy in life through greater awareness of my moment to moment existence.

Day Two: the Joy of a Puppy Pile

My parents and Margie’s parents would never have allowed dogs on the bed.

I was taught that dogs have to know their place in life or things run amok. While ours were “inside” dogs, as opposed to “outside” dogs, those which never, or hardly ever, came in the house, they still lived (and I can still hear my Dad's voice say this) on the floor. Contrast this with our friends Lynne and Patrick would never have had a dog before they had Monty and so learned the ins and outs of that relationship much on their own, as adults, in tandem with Monty, who of course believed that he should sit on the furniture in the bed.

Year's End: Looking ahead to 2013

30 December 2012

Years end is always a good time to look around inside where you are, to question is it where you want to be, and to decide where you can go next. This year I am generally very well satisfied with where I am, at the edges 60 years old, and feel as though I’m living a rich and varied life. Therefore, I have three desires in combination with New Year’s resolutions that I’m going to put forth.