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    CV & Research

What a title to live up to!

About Alana - what are the key elements you should know in order to move our relationship to a higher level?

I am driven - always have been, by whatever seems to be the next good thing I can do, something that is within my sphere but would look like a big stretch to others.  Sometimes these tasks take a few years - like the Zappa Quilt or MastersNet and Doctoral Net which I now have six years in and no end in site.


Other than that:

  • I like to talk about serious subjects - what drives you - what drives the world - human psychology and how the brain works
  • I go to church here in Kinsale for the community but would really say I am nontheistic, because of yoga and meditation I enjoy the wholeness of the world and its peoples
  • I have learned that the value in life is in others - so if you are willing to engage with me I am happy to share and engage back with you.

Any you?  What would you write on an "About me" page?