• 2019 - health, love, growth .... Wonder

    2019 - health, love, growth .... Wonder

Feb 6th - Here is me experiencing... joy, wonder, love and growth

A bit of a story here...

It starts with Deepak and Oprah's 21-day meditation on "Losing the weight" - not just physical weight but the weighty responses to life. As I wrote in the last post, control issues are part of that weight for me. Then, a few days ago, Deepak suggested that we all think about the main goals/energies/focus for our lives as we imagine them to be in our dreams - his focused on transcendence.  Mine are JOY - WONDER - LOVE - GROWTH

Today he continued the journey with a story about two men who show up for their flight at the airport - the flight is cancelled.  One throws a fit and the other goes to the bookstore and gets engrossed in a new book.  What struck out to me was his comment that at any given moment we can say - here is me .... (throwing a fit) and I have a choice to (read a book).  I have taken it a step forward today and have been having great fun with -

Here is me enjoying wonder in the yellows of the daffodils.  Here is me experiencing the wind on my cheek.  Here is me experiencing a loving conversation with Tracesea.

So I send this energy out - what are you experiencing?  Can I keep these for words and my experience of them as upper most in my mind?  Yes of course - we all can.