• 2019 - health, love, growth .... Wonder

    2019 - health, love, growth .... Wonder

Jan 11 & 12 - Shedding the Weight Meditations

Hi to my Self and Future Readers!

Today is day eight of the Shedding Your Weight set of meditations from Deepak and Oprah.  Today's mantra: Siddho Hum (my True Self is perfect) with a centering thought "I find joy in healing and recovery."  Joy - happy for no reason.

Deepak's message pointed out that healing and recovery are merely having more good inputs than we have negative inputs - day after day more joy than other emotions -  more fulfillment than not fulfillment.  Then, day after day we get a little better, heal or recover a little more until we are out of the slump/ill health etc that we were in.

And to kick it off and then continue it we measure or notice or keep track of what leaves us fulfilled.

What Leaves Me Fulfilled?

  1. Appreciating beauty
  2. Meditation
  3. Time with friends
  4. Contributing to my world
  5. Connecting with students
  6. Travel

I'm ready to see the list grow throughout the year.