• 2019 - health, love, growth .... Wonder

    2019 - health, love, growth .... Wonder

Jan 4th and 5th, 2019 Christmas, Little Christmas and starting the new year

Christmas is down and put away - still its a great time to remember just how good it was this year....

  1. I put up a lite version of decorations before I left for Washington and CGS - this was great as we had it all month and, with only three days when I got back before Berlin we would not have had decorations any other way.
  2. Next year though I want the more formal tree - not just the popup - but it did well this year.
  3. Berlin was MARvelous - pictures attached.  It is impressive how Berliners have embraced their very dark heritage as a learning experience - and the Christmas markets were grand
  4. We spent several days during Christmas week with the Ryans and the Barretts - truly our family of choice here in Ireland - how wonderful to see the kids grow up year after year.

It's down now and we move on - but many happy returns of the day(s) remain with us as we appreciate each other and all the love we have in our lives