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    About Alana

About Alana

What a title to live up to!

About Alana - what are the key elements you should know in order to move our relationship to a higher level?

I am driven - always have been, by whatever seems to be the next good thing I can do, something that is within my sphere but would look like a big stretch to others.  Sometimes these tasks take a few years - like the Zappa Quilt or MastersNet and Doctoral Net which I now have six years in and no end in site.

80 people joined the weeklong event from three continents - what a party it was!  Our families flew into Dublin and Margie and I treated them to some splendid Irish sightseeing on the way down to Kinsale - then all hands on deck to help decorate the tables etc.  The "real" service was held in Cork at the chapel like room used by the civil service, followed that night by the Irish meeting the Americans taking over a restaurant for dinner.