Slaying Your Dragons: Reinventing Life Over 60

The Author

E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

What are your dragons? Depression, criticism from others, self-doubt, or fear? Each and all of these in turn can completely stop my, your, our, progress as we move forward in life. Unfortunately, the norm of our society is that with a certain age we stop taking on the risky challenges and instead lead a peaceful life at the spot where ever we are planted.

This creates an norm where, when faced with, let’s say for example, a depressed kind of mood – then when I wake up in the morning, a new piece of self talk enters my brain about, “I shouldn’t have to be doing this, or I can’t possibly pull this off, or This is too big a risk, for someone of my age.”

Age is not the Dragon, it’s merely a marker in the sand. Neither are relative healthiness, amount of wrinkles, degree of self confidence with which we get up in the morning – all of these fluxuate with life.  All of them hurt our spirits and offer a larger and larger opportunity to quit if we listen to the self talk that goes with the low part of their cycle. I am not a quitter, never have been and fully intend to never be. That does not mean ,I like everyone else, don’t face the challenges of thoughts – so what to do about them? Three things have worked for me (just today!) and so create my reason for this post.

First, it important to listen to or involve myself in something uplifting. My “day in and day out” favorites include: Kelly Howell’s “Secret of the Mind Meditation”, Philosophers Notes by Brian Johnson, and a good musical – (have you heard about Newsies?). What worked for me this morning was the second one – and the quote that lifted my spirit from a negative number to at least a zero level was from Wayne Dyer: “Good morning, this is GOD, I will be handling all of your problems today (without any help from you, thank you)… So have an awesome day.”  That sounded good so I vowed I would give a good try!

Second, I look for a way to do something nice for someone else. Since I lead a relatively isolated life, today I did something nice for my dogs. It’s a lovely sunny day, and since it’s fairly early in the spring time, the beach near where we live was not crowded with people. Off we went – two dogs, person with ball and ball thrower, out on the sand, playing with each other. Three lads came up to talk to me and it turned out they were some of the summer grew grown so tall I didn’t recognize them. They threw the ball for Peter as well, while Harriet, ever the food hound, search the rocks for yesterday’s leftovers. 20 min. later my mood had lifted enough to make it possible for me to write this post.

The third thing for me is to get back to work, focusing on a portion of it that feels good. Although a daunting task, I recently have decided that needs a content facelift, and so I’m starting this (first of what will become a series, of) blog post(s).  A year away from being 60, I have three dreams to fulfill. And more than just getting them up and going, I want them all to make money, so that my retirement (should I decide to retire) is comfortable. To that end I am: 1) building a network marketing business with a line known as CieAura holographic chips ™, 2) continuing to develop and writing a book on dissertation development for Sage publishing, and 3) hope that this series on reinventing the life at 60 produces enough interest to have it become a book in its own right.  Therefore, today, even in the deepest of blue funks, it’s 100% appropriate for me to be starting this work.

I’m sure there are many many people out there who, at almost or over 60, still have big dreams in their hearts – are you, my reader, one of them?  If you are, or if you know of someone for whom you should forward this post, please “watch this space.”  I’ll try to keep in touch and weave in and out the challenges I face that are likely shared by others as I work my own personal process to reinvent myself – yet again, this time over 60!

A fina request for anyone who may be touched by these same challenges-please comment below and discuss your dreams, the things that you do when you’re in a blue funk, and any encouraging words that you may have for others.  We all can share this journey together.