Redefining "The Good Life"

About Alana

The greatest compliment is to be called a woman of passion with high energy for love and life!

The Dalai Lama says that the true purpose for human life is to find what makes us happy. This cuts across: gender, nationality, culture, and economics. I agree with him; for my life I have found great happiness first with my art, later with my partnership with Margie, our lives in Ireland and our work to make graduate education around the world more efficient. Now once more back again to my art as well. Hopefully, these pages will share that love with you and bring you some measure of new ideas, joy in life or maybe just a smile of self-recognition.

Alana's Art

I believe that to live a creative life is to have life sprit at my back – it is glorious and something I have always wanted.  The dream was… read more

Work Pre 2020

From 1976 to 1990 I saw my future as a famous artist! The Zappa quilt opening in 1993 ended that and I put off my art career until later in life

Color & Emotions: A Research Project

I LOVE PROCREATE! It is the tool I always wanted for art, a mix of digital and everything else I know how to do. This series is for YOU to vote on - what brings up emotions or ideas for YOU?

The Family Series

Sometimes my family feels dark and dangerous and I see people acting out of less than their highest or truest selves. At other times it helps me understand the meaning and value of love across differences.

Beach art

Drawn mostly on the Dock Beach at Castlepark, Kinsale, Co Cork this series progresses at the speed of one a month - LOL, in good weather. The drone work gets better as well.

The Personal Transformation Suite

A circle can contain all there is of our inner and outer life - This series branches towards the mandala series which I see as the mainstay of my work.


Where the circle contains the TRUTH of our inner and outer work. With a nod to Tibetan mandalas, this series contains my heart and my understanding of life. Drawings, paintings and Procreate digital works.

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