Frontier Science: Building a Case for Why CieAura Works, Part 2

The Author

E. Alana James

E. Alana James

Dr E Alana James is reinventing herself again! Coming full circle to the first love of her life - art - and bringing back to her images all the lessons of her life as author, researcher, academic and wife. Concerned mostly with the idea of images as vehicles for expression of the truth of our inner and outer life experience.

As mentioned in part one of this series when I first came across CieAura holographic chips or patches I liked the way they worked but could not recommend them to others because I did not understand them. In a nutshell, my mind was running interference on my body reality, telling me “It was all in my head.” This series of articles discusses a number of changes in science that will not yet be well known to the general population.

Taken together they built a compelling argument for why we might consider experimenting more with self-care, and take advantage of new technologies that will be coming our way.

In the last article, I discussed the work of Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D., who reminds us that our bodies are a series of interlinking systems from the dense physical reality of which we are most aware to our more subtle forms of aura or etheric energy. This article continues that discussion by talking about changes in scientific belief systems and how they impact our understanding. Imagine living in a time of Galileo when you first heard the idea that new instrumentation has shown him that the world was not flat. People at that time were so upset by the possibility that they killed him for the idea. We don’t want to find our grandchildren thinking the same thing of how we insist on a reality that is quickly becoming outdated.

Science shifted another time around 1918 when Einstein developed the theory E=MC2 which introduced the notion that energy and matter have the ability to transform back and forth between both states. That particular revolutionary idea changed physicists understanding of the level and potential energy available in the universe. A similar shift has begun in the medical sciences as we are beginning to see our body not as mechanical, and therefore breaking down, but rather as a system of life energy that restores and renews itself.

As an example, in my lifetime medical science has had to revise its ideas about acupuncture meridians. These were originally viewed by Western medicine as misinformation because doctors found no such physical structures in the body. However new instrumentation now have demonstrated their existence. There’s a large body of research from around the world on acupuncture meridians, but perhaps the most obvious are those where scientists shoot substances into the acupuncture points and then track their flow through the meridians. The same chemicals ingested into non-meridian points simply disperse.

Finally, the whole idea of where memory is stored has had to be revised. Most of us would say our memories are in our head, but Dr. Pim Van Lommel, a respected cardiologist, has spent decades studying near-death experience and has come to the conclusion that memory and thought exist either outside the body or in an entirely different system than originally believed. What else would explain the fact that upwards past 40% of people who have experienced death yet have been brought back by resuscitation have distinct memories of looking down or being aware of the things that were going on to their body.  His research questions how people can have memory even when they were legitimately considered “brain dead.”

I hope these short snippets have intrigued you enough to continue to follow the trail of frontier science in future articles as it leads us to new understanding of how cells communicate through light, what it means to live in a holographic, entangled universe and how important intention is in creating our world. These leading-edge ideas take us down paths and alleyways not often explored by the general population but which compel us to consider new potential technological developments with far less scepticism and perhaps more hope. After all wouldn’t we all care to live in a world where people were easily healthy and vibrant?

As with all these articles I end with the reminder to my reader that these are my conjectures and ideas and do not reflect the stance taken from the CieAura company.  I am delighted to be a CieAura retailer, but these articles are not meant to sell you their products, and reflect only my journey to a level of understanding with which I am comfortable.