Three things to remember when bike riding in Ireland

So you think you may be interested in a biking holiday in Ireland? Good choice! Ten months of the year (all but December and January) you’ll find great touring and if you keep these three cautions in mind you should have a fantastic time. This article addresses the three variables that we have found to… Continue reading Three things to remember when bike riding in Ireland

The journey to optimal health: On bikes and blackberries

I passionately believe in celebrating! Every time in every way that we make small steps forward (kaizen in Japanese) we should celebrate our advances. That is what I am doing today.

Bike Riding For Fitness

The latest update on my own “creating the life you want” journey is how much fun I am having writing my bike. We then added a couple of months now, starting slow, moving on to a relatively short trek to Sandycove, and eventually, this last Saturday, a 12 mile ride from here to Ballinspittle. Bike… Continue reading Bike Riding For Fitness