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The Flipped Classroom by Knewton

I first heard of the flipped classroom with the Khan Academy and Khan’s talk on TED.  Its SUCH a good idea – let people learn at their own pace at home and have schools be for hands on, practical applications of learning. I would love comments on what you think.

The Gamification of Education – via Knewton

I am very impressed with what Knewton is saying about education.

Redox Signalling Molecules at RDS this coming bank holiday weekend

Why should eveyone interested in health want to be at Booth 2 of teh Mind, Body, Spirit this weekend?  We will be introducing/showing/discussing and selling redox signallying molecules in a bottle.


Proper Health and Wellness: ASEA is THE Solution for Healthy Living   As most of you know, I am very involved with the promotion of health and wellness. I do a lot of work promoting products that I personally use. ASEA is one of those products.

ASEA & All About Antioxidants: What is the truth?

Does your doctor or health practitioner tell you that you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in order to increase your antioxidants? Perhaps you even take herbal or liquid supplements geared to do the same thing? We have known for 20 years or more that antioxidants help in fighting free radicals and therefore aging.


Part of reinventing life is to let your creativiey ROAR – this is the first of a series of collages that developed as natural measurable outcome during my action research oriented life transformation.

Life’s Journey Through the Major Arcana

Hi everyone, Life’s journey can be seen through tarot (something I have worked with in spurts throughout my life).  I love this video and hope you enjoy all the analogies as well as the superb imagery.

Christmas Letter Scrapbook 2012

Margie and I wish a happy holiday to all who watch this, may 2012 bring your all the joy and fulfillment you can imagine.

Considerations for Those Interested Business & Health

As a network marketer, I am of course biased that your interest in this business model is a good one, and something that should, if you are willing to put in the right amount of work, add to your life. So good for you! This article offers several considerations for you to keep in mind… Continue reading Considerations for Those Interested Business & Health