What I Recommend

What I Recommend


Proper Health and Wellness: ASEA is THE Solution for Healthy Living  

As most of you know, I am very involved with the promotion of health and wellness. I do a lot of work promoting products that I personally use. ASEA is one of those products.

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nature of reality power of silence meditation

The Power of Silence

Silence and the Nature of Reality

I just watched a section of a very powerful documentary/movie/dvd called, "{ijseo_redirect id=3}" a film by Philip Groning - "a rare celluloid experience that truly transports us into another world." For once the marketing was correct - it did transport me, so much so that now my keyboard sounds loud to me, along with the clock ticking on my desk and my room seems cluttered and chaotic. Watching for just 30 minutes stilled me and transported me to a quieter world, one, frankly I am a little sad to leave.

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product review product CieAura CieAura Holographic Chips vibrational health

Considerations for Those Interested Business & Health

As a network marketer, I am of course biased that your interest in this business model is a good one, and something that should, if you are willing to put in the right amount of work, add to your life. So good for you! This article offers several considerations for you to keep in mind when you sign up.  

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E Alana James Alana James power of the mind power of the subconscious mind motivation personal success product review Kelly Howell Brain Sync Technology creativity prosperity brainwave technology get over stress

Product Review: Kelly Howell's Brain Sync Technology

Do you wrestle with lack of motivation? Extra stress? Personal insecurity? A desire for more personal success and prosperity? Kelly Howell's Brain Sync audio tapes are the subject of this  product review and it is my experience that her guided and non-guided meditations are helpful for all of these concerns.  Using the latest in neuroscience, these audiotapes use brainwave technology to sync your brain waves with positive attributes.

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